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What is it?

Bioclear® is one of the newest advancements in cosmetic dentistry. It is was developed in Seattle, Washington by dr David Clark in 2008. This revolutionary approach combines the newest dental materials and techniques to resolve common dental complaints. Bioclear® offers a more holistic approach to treating dental imperfections in the most non-invasive way possible - without grinding down existing tooth structure, as required by conventional dentistry (for example crowns and porcelain veneers), because it produces a 3-dimensional, monolithic over molded tooth. This patented and revolutionary method allows for a permanent, 3-dimensional monolithic overmolded tooth restoration that is strong, highly esthetic, smooth and stain resistant. It uses specifically designed Bioclear matrices where warm composite material is injected.


  • minimally invasive - minimal or no tooth structure is removed during treatment
  • more stain resistant
  • less tartar accumulation due to high gloss polish
  • more durable and exponentially more esthetic than conventional dental bonding
  • easier to repair if necessary
  • gentle on the gums due to its seemless infinite margins
  • costs less than most porcelain veneers or crowns
  • time saving - can be completed in one visit eliminating temporary crowns or veneers


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Makeover Videos

Makeover Videos

How is Bioclear® done?

Dr. David Clark performing Bioclear®

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Dr. Margaret performing Bioclear®

The high gloss stain resistant finish is accomplished by the three step rock start polish where the work performed by Dr. Margaret Radziszewski is perfected. Please watch the video.

How much does it cost? Does Insurance Cover it?

  •   Bioclear® costs significantly less than most of the alternatives it replaces: Crowns cost from $1000 to $3000 and Porcelain Veneers cost from $1500 to $2500, while a Bioclear® custom restoration costs $1000 to $2000 per tooth.
  •   Please be aware that most Insurance Benefits do not cover any Esthetic/Cosmetic dental procedures. But rest assured we will maximize any Insurance Benefits you have if any additional work will need to be completed before any Bioclear treatment.
  •   We have many financing options to provide you with the most comfortable financial solution to start your transformational smile makeover.

Why choose Dr. Margaret Radziszewski?

Please watch the video to see why I am one of the pioneer providers of Bioclear®

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Bioclear® FAQs

1. What is Bioclear?
Bioclear is one of the newest advancements in cosmetic dentistry. This revolutionary method of restoring teeth combines heated composite material with specially designed anatomical forms to provide spectacular and long lasting restorations. It is the most conservative and esthetic alternative to porcelain crowns and veneers and a number one choice for the treatment of BLACK TRIANGLES.

2. How was it invented?
The Bioclear Method was developed in 2008 by Dr. David Clark in Seattle, Washington. It is a patented method that provides a permanent, 3 dimensional injection overmolded tooth. The bioclear method is safe, strong, minimally invasive and exponentially more esthetic than old fashioned bonding.

3. What is the difference between old fashioned bonding and the BIOCLEAR METHOD?
Traditional "bonding" has been around the 1970s and is a temporary solution used to treat dental esthetic problems using composite resins (tooth colored filling material) which are essentially hand spackled onto the tooth. The results are good for some time, but eventually composites discolors and chips and its edges stain.

4. Who is a Candidate for Bioclear treatment?
Almost anyone! Bioclear method allows for treatment of a wide range of esthetic problems. This minimally invasive approach treats blacks triangles and gaps in between teeth, minor orthodontic problems, restores abnormally small teeth or teeth shortened by grinding, abraded roots, changes the shape and color of teeth, and many more.

5. What are the benefits of Bioclear method?
This uniquely innovative method of creating beautiful smiles and strong beautiful teeth allows for:

  • * very conservative - minimal or no tooth preparation required
  • * closing gaps and black triangles between teeth without removing tooth structure
  • * HIGHLY ESTHETIC - changing the shape and color of teeth
  • * superior shine and gloss polish
  • * AFFORDABLE - lower costs when compared to porcelain crowns and veneers
  • * minimally invasive - most of the time no removal of tooth structure is required
  • * no need for temporization - the entire smile transformation may be completed in 1 day
  • * elimination of tooth sensitivity by covering the tooth tightly
  • * healthy tissue response - gentle on gum tissue
  • * long lasting exceptional results

6. What are the costs of Bioclear?
Dr Margaret Radziszewski restores all teeth exclusively with Bioclear method. There are many types of Bioclear restorations and their prices vary based upon patients' needs and individualized treatment plans. Bioclear restorations (also known as "fillings") are affordably priced between $250-$600. Closing of black triangle costs around $1000- $1200. Bioclear veneers are less costly than our porcelain crowns or veneers and cost about $1200-$1500 per tooth. Bioclear overlays in lieu of a crown cost about $1500 -$1800. We offer many financing options to provide You with the most comfortable financial solution to start your transformational smile makeover.

7. Does insurance cover Bioclear veneers or black triangle closures?
No, it does not. As it is with many cosmetic dental treatments, insurance companies do not offer coverage for Bioclear veneers . Today, insurance driven procedures are very basic and come with multiple limitations, which do not allow for designing an optimal treatment for the patient. As a courtesy, in order to help You maximize your insurance benefits - we will be happy to submit dental insurance claims on your behalf with the request for alternative treatment benefits payable to the patient. Your annual insurance maximums can be utilized for preventive care such as hygiene visits, doctor's evaluations, xrays and other basic procedures.

8. How will Bioclear method treat my black triangles and spaces between teeth?
Spaces in between teeth make our smile look unattractive and make us look older. Bioclear method is a revolutionary technique of closing the gaps and rejuvenating your smile. The procedure of closing black triangles is formulated on adding heated composite material to the tooth with the use of specific anatomical forms. Your tooth does not need to be polished down and the outcome is a natural looking beautiful smile with no black triangles.

9. How long will it last? Are the results permanent?
Bioclear restorations are permanent and very long lasting, they are just as strong when compared to porcelain restorations (crowns and veneers). To make them long lasting, however, it is very important to take proper care of them, such as keeping good oral hygiene and coming in for regular cleanings and examinations.

10. What is the difference between Bioclear restorations and porcelain veneers or crowns?
The main difference is that Bioclear restorations do not require shaving down your natural tooth structure, as it is with crowns or veneers. In order to place a crown, about 70% of the tooth has to be shaved down. Bioclear is opposite in that aspect, almost no tooth structure is removed. This uniquely conservative technique is based on preserving the natural tooth structure and encompassing it with heated composite material with the use of specialized anatomical forms. Crowns are also at higher risk for recurrent decay. Cavities can start at the edge of the crown and progress underneath. Part of the tooth that is under the crown is blocked on the x-rays and caries becomes difficult to diagnose. That does not happen with Bioclear overlay. Bioclear restorations are also proven to be as strong if not stronger when compared to crowns and veneers.

11. Can Bioclear be used to straighten my teeth instead of braces?
Bioclear restorations do not take place of orthodontic treatment. Your smile will be evaluated at the consultation. In many cases orthodontic treatment is strongly recommended before the Bioclear procedure. However, when teeth are just slightly misaligned, some minor concerns can be corrected with Bioclear 360 veneers.

12. How much time does the Bioclear procedure take?
The procedure takes on average about an hour per tooth. The length of the visit will be established at your consultation. Most of the smiles are transformed in just one day! The procedure is also very comfortable. For patient's comfort and the most optimal results - we place an isolation to keep your mouth dry and opened in order to prevent the water from running down your throat. This allows for a restful visit and some patients indulge in a little nap 😄 We provide a comfortable neck pillow, blanket, even music! We also provide breaks and offer fruit smoothies to keep you full and satisfied.

13. Can it be done on a tooth that has a crown?
Unfortunately not, as the tooth under the crown has no enamel and Bioclear restorations are strongest when bonded to enamel. However, in unique circumstances, it might be possible yet the success of such is in its very early stages. We also perform highly esthetic porcelain crowns without the metal component. On the other hand, teeth with unattractive porcelain veneers may qualify for Bioclear 360 veneers. Do not hesitate to schedule your consultation today 😄

14. Why don't more dentists provide Bioclear restorations?
Bioclear method requires extensive training which requires both time and financial investments from the dentist. Bioclear method allowes us to create artistry in dentistry in the most noninvasive way. It also requires the dentist to believe and trust in something relatively new which in turn forces one to break away from old habits, old science and outdated technology. Dr. Radziszewski is currently the only master level certified dentist in Chicagoland.